24 January 2011

A New Sequencing Player?

My interest was piqued when I saw the headline "PerkinElmer Steps into DNA Sequencing Market" from Genetic Engineering News. Was another major player entering the crowded market of next gen sequencing? (Reading, reading...). Hmm, no, it looks like they're offering services (reading some more). Ah, here it is, their business model:

"PerkinElmer’s model follows Complete Genomics, Illumina, and BGI (formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute), wherein companies provide sequencing as a service rather than developing and launching competing sequencing platforms that scientists must buy to conduct sequencing projects on their own."

What? GEN is somehow equating the PE business model to ALL of the following:
Complete Genomics - "services only" using their own proprietary platform
Illumina - dominant next gen sequencing platform provider which happens of offer services as a small part of their business
BGI - standard, albeit stupendously large, service provider which primarily uses Illumina's platform

So, which one is it? Well, it's nothing more than yet another sequencing service provider using Illumina's HiSeq2000 instruments, which makes them pretty much like any of the dozen or so services providers listed here (and these are just the certified providers). So, they're sort of like BGI. Except to the best of my knowledge they haven't purchased 128 HiSeq instruments and they haven't stated that they'll sequence anything that's "tasty or cute".

22 January 2011

Cool vs Playskool

Is it just me, or does the PGM from Ion Torrent kind of look like a children's toy?
To get everyone on the same page, here is a toy:
A Toy

 Now, here is the PGM:

Ion Torrent's Personal Genome Machine - could be a toy, can't tell for sure

And compare that to the newly announced stylish MiSeq from Illumina:

Illumina's MiSeq - clearly not a toy

Sure, sure, the MiSeq doesn't actually exist yet and I'm sure there will be plenty of debate about which machine will outperform the other, but Illumina is clearly winning in the looks department.