31 March 2011

Ion Torrent's Tilt-Shift View of the Future

What does tilt-shift photography have to do with Ion Torrent? Yesterday I would have said "nothing", but then they released a video that is apparently dedicated to it. Don't get me wrong, it's a really cool effect that makes everything look miniature, but I'm struggling to figure out what it has to do with next gen sequencing. The PGM acts as an iPod cradle; maybe it also doubles as a camera?

For your enjoyment, a pointless but cool video:


  1. Hi Shawn,

    Cool video effect but I have to agree, not sure why it is in an Ion Torrent commercial.


  2. Cool but I wouldn't say pointless at all. There was plenty of symbolism in addition to the obvious "alter your sequencing reality" through use of cool tilt shift photography. So I'd say it's a fresh welcome to an otherwise dry industry. Working in biotech marketing, you have to give it that.

  3. Do they really need a commercial? Are they short on branding?